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Expertise in

Expertise in telecommunication

Machtech Telecommunication is a multidisciplinary telecommunications company and a proud partner of numerous renowned local and national commercial clients. We offer global solutions designed to optimize the goals and expectations of all your technology projects. Our team, composed of duly qualified professionals, places its commitment, creativity and flexibility at your service. With our mobility ...[Read More]

Expertise en

Expertise en télécommunication

Notre équipe, composée de professionnels dûment qualifiés, met à votre service son engagement, sa créativité et sa flexibilité.

and alarms

Security and alarms

Over the last few years, we have developed wireless products which surpass the limits to more effectively manage the security of your installations through better risk control and which provide new security potential. We are an integrator and provide security solutions and technical innovations which protect people, business activities and your data. Our growing success can be attributed to our pr ...[Read More]

et alarme

Sécurité et alarme

Pour vous permettre de gérer plus efficacement la sécurité de vos installations par un meilleur contrôle des risques,


Audiovisual integration

Whether you are searching for a commercial, residential or multimedia system for your offices, the installation of wireless equipment for your conference room or integration with home automation, Machtech can offer you reliable audiovisual solutions for optimal performance which integrate systems configuration, the installation of high-performance, quality components with a professional installati ...[Read More]


Intégration audiovisuelle

Que vous soyez à la recherche d’un système commercial, résidentiel ou multimédia pour vos bureaux, d’une installation d’équipements sans fil pour votre salle


Structured cabling

Maximize your digital network infrastructure with sound planning of your cabling and the functionality of your systems by giving our experts complete responsibility for all networking on your premises. Wiring Installation – copper and fiber (wiring, pre-wiring) Network architecture and site configuration Main distribution area Horizontal Distribution Area (HDA) Equipment Distribution Area an ...[Read More]


Câblage structuré

Maximisez vos infrastructures de réseau informatique par une planification judicieuse du câblage et de la fonctionnalité de vos systèmes en confiant à nos

IP telephony
and convergence

IP telephony and convergence

IP technology will improve your productivity by combining voice, email, presence (live), conferencing and teleconferencing altogether in one system. Employing a thorough analysis of your installations, our advisors will be well placed to propose solutions adapted to your current and future needs. Our operations are carried out to minimize the problems stemming from the interruption of service duri ...[Read More]

Téléphonie IP
et convergence

Téléphonie IP et convergence

La technologie IP permet d’augmenter votre productivité en combinant voix, courriel, présence, conférence et téléconférence en un seul et même système.