Undisputed leader in telecommunications’ cabling industry, MachTech realized a multitude of projects, even the most complex, ensuring the overall management and providing turnkey solution.

Network Deployment Projects: Fiber optic, copper, coaxial, designs according to the environment reality (aesthetic design), evaluation and consulting services, spinning complex commercial buildings, industrial, institutional and multi-unit (MDU) horizontal distribution (EDH), height works, installation of ducts, conduits and moldings, wireless coverage, connections and fusion, technical documents, testing and quality control, documentation, administration and project management.

Among our achievements, we have contributed to the deployment of telecommunications networks, several fiber optic in North-America, for major clients in the industry.

To date, machtech has completed:

- Dozens of commercial buildings;
- More than 5,000 MDU 6 to 48 units;
- More than 500 MDU 49 or more units.